Queens and Bees

Learn about our queens and bees.


We breed exclusively Italian queens. Our aim is to produce a strong, productive bee that is active but not aggressive. All of our queens are open mated. We have a strict checking regime prior to sending any queens to ensure their quality. In the end, if we wouldn't be happy to have a queen in one of our hives we aren't happy to have it in our clients.

New season queens can be supplied from the end of September through to mid April. Overwintered queens are mated in February, carried through winter in hives and available from the end of August until the end of September. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, would like any more information or would like an up to date pricing list.



In addition to our queens we also supply hives to the New Zealand market. These can take the form of a 4-frame nucleus hive or a 9-frame, single storey hive. In most cases these are supplied as 'frame only' allowing our clients to choose the equipment that they use in their hives. This helps to control the cost although we can supply 'complete' hives with the required woodware if it is your preference.

As with our queens, hives are checked thoroughly for performance and disease prior to sale and customers are required to also check hives before removing them from our yard. Hives are available throughout the year however numbers are limited and allowing for a good lead time is recommended. 


Taken from the same breeders that we use to produce our queens, cells are a cost effective way to introduce new genetics into your beekeeping operation. Cells are available throughout the breeding season from the end of August until the end of March. 

Unlike our hives and queens which can be supplied throughout the country cells must be collected from our depot in Brightwater, just out of Nelson.

Queens And Bees

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